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Crab lice

Crab liceThe crab louse (Phthirius pubis L.) - This louse is quite different in appearance from body lice, being smaller, shorter, broader, and with its legs projecting outward near together. The forelegs are slender but the others are stout and each has a powerful serrated claw which shuts against a projection of the preceding segment of the leg in such a way as to give a very firm grip on a hair.
This insect is found primarily on the hairy parts of the body except the head, but in exceptional cases it may be found there also. It holds on to the hairs while feeding and in moving about always holds tightly to hairs on one side until it has obtained a grasp on others on the other side. This gives it a sideways movement which is responsible for its common name. Its life history is much the same as in the other species.